Can I Move an OST file from One computer to Another?

If you want to transfer an OST file from one computer to another then we have the best option for you. As we have discussed both manual and expert recommended Offline OST to PST Converter to complete the process without losing any information.

Emailing is the most extensive means of technology to communicate with others and Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email application. This is available with the set of business accounts to enhance business and individual messages.

Microsoft Outlook contains all its mailbox data such as email messages, contacts, tasks, calendars and other saved items on a local computer. Outlook creates an OST file and it stands for offline storage table. It synchronizes mailbox data on a local drive. It also offers users to access mailbox data offline and it will synchronize automatically when you configure IMAP Account.

Reason to Transfer an OST File from One Computer to Another

  1. When upgrading to a new computer or replacing an old one, transferring OST files ensures continuity of data and access to email content without having to re-download everything from the server.

  2. In cases of system failure or data corruption, moving OST files to another computer can help in recovering emails and other important data.

  3. When an employee leaves an organization or changes their workstation, transferring their OST file ensures that their email data is retained and can be accessed from the new location.

  4. OST files allow access to emails offline. Moving these files to another computer can be useful if you need offline access on a different machine.

  5. Creating a backup of the OST file on another computer ensures that there is a copy of the email data in case of primary system failure.

How to Access an OST file from One Computer to Another Manually?

When you have access to the Outlook account then you can follow the manual approach as we have discussed below:

  • First, launch Microsoft Outlook application and then click on the file option.

  • Now, press on open and export and next hit on import/export.

  • In the Import/Export tool, choose Export to a file.

  • After that, browse Outlook mailbox data as you want to download.

  • Select Outlook mailbox data as you want to export.

  • Finally, choose location and click on finish to get the result quickly.

Limitations of Manual Approach

  1. It will take lots of hours depending on the size of mailbox data and a very complex approach.

  2. Users must be familiar with the features of Outlook application to handle these steps.

  3. You can’t convert damaged, corrupted, inaccessible, orphan, OST files with this solution.

How to Access an OST File from One Computer to Another Via Expert Suggested Approach?

When an OST file gets damaged there are no manual options available in this case. So, we suggest you choose Corbett OST Converter as it is one of the excellent utilities and provides a maintained mailbox data structure that remains the same as before the conversion.

  • Download software and open it on your computer.

  • Browse the OST file and add it into the application interface.

  • Now, select the Outlook PST file in the list of export options.

  • Finally, choose a path and press save to get the result instantly.

Benefits of Expert Suggested Approach

  1. This application maintained mailbox data hierarchy as before the result. Also, PST File Converter offers advanced levels of data security to prevent any changes with the source file.

  2. This software is very easy to operate by all types of professional and individual users.

  3. It also offers users to extract contacts from OST file.

  4. With this wizard, you can also take advantage of the filter option to convert specific Outlook mailbox data as per date range, subject, sender and recipients etc.

  5. This application can also be useful when OST files get damaged, corrupted, and OST reached maximum size.

Let’s Wrap Up

In this tutorial, we have shared the most effective and easiest way to access an OST file from one computer to another manually and an expert recommended approach. As manual solutions are the only reliable choice for a healthy OST file. So, we suggest you opt for an expert suggested approach to complete the process without losing any information.


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