Best Solution to Rebuild Outlook OST file – A Complete Guide

If you’re having trouble opening an OST file because your Outlook data file is corrupted, continue reading for remedies. We can recreate an OST file using the best methods currently available. We’ll outline a manual OST repair process with detailed instructions in this blog. We will also discuss an automated method to make the process easier. We shall employ the OST Recovery program, which is the software that the professionals advise using, in this method. Let’s first examine the causes of corrupt Outlook PST files.

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Reasons why people are having faulty Outlook OST files include – 

Users may have corrupted outlook files for a number of reasons. The following are some typical causes of OST file corruption:


·         Bad problems with connectivity.

·         Unexpected malware assaults.

·         The OST file is too big.

·         Malfunctions in both software and hardware.

·         Problems with the power supply.


For all of these reasons, people raise questions like “How do we rebuild an OST file?” and “Can we repair an OST file?” Let’s now examine the OST recovery techniques.

Repairing an Outlook data file by hand

Method 1: Utilizing the ScanOST.exe Inbox Repair program

We will utilize the ScanOST.exe utility to manually evaluate and restore faults in your Outlook data file. After checking the OST files on your computer, the Outlook OST file is scanned by the Inbox Repair application, which subsequently fixes it. To restore the OST file using this method, adhere to the guidelines below –

·         Double-clicking ScanOST.exe will launch the entire procedure.

·         After configuring your profile to be driven by Outlook Settings, click Connect.

·         Next, choose the choices that best suit your needs, then check the box next to Repair problems to have problems automatically fixed.

·         Lastly, press “Begin Scan.”

It will take some time for your system to scan and repair OST files using the above procedure. The above-mentioned manual method has advantages. But severely corrupted OST files cannot be recovered using manual methods. You should also take into account the limits of the manual procedures. In the context that follows, let’s talk in more detail about these disadvantages.


Limitations of the Manual Method

The following are some disadvantages of the manual approach –

·         Editions 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 of Microsoft Outlook are not supported by the ScanOST.exe program.

·         Users can experience sudden data loss. Thus, it is advised that users exercise caution when utilizing manual methods.

·         Inadequate for password-protected OST file recovery.

·         The entire restoration process takes a long time.

Users have complained about the following shortcomings of the manual process. You can utilize an automated recovery program if you lack the necessary skills to manually repair your file. Let’s examine the automated process in the context of the following.

Outlook OST file Repair with an Automated Method

As you can see, there are some flaws in the above manual method that make it somewhat unreliable for fixing Outlook OST files. Therefore, we have a better option to make it easier for users to rebuild OST files. Automated Technique is our other alternative. We’ll be using the DataVare OST File Recovery Tool in this procedure. Tasks, calendars, notes, contacts, journals, and other objects stored in Outlook data files can all be repaired by users using this software. Recovered data is saved into PST format. The interface of this tool is user-friendly. Because of this, even inexperienced users may easily operate this instrument. In addition, it preserves the data integrity when converting.


Conclusion –

This article is intended for those who are experiencing corrupted Outlook files. We spoke about both the manual and automated approaches as remedies for this. To make the task easier for users, we provided step-by-step instructions and an explanation of the manual process. The manual method does have several drawbacks, though. Therefore, I advise users to use the Automated tool and try a basic way. It will prevent data loss and save you time.

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