Time-Saving Ways: Switch/Move Excel Sheet Contacts to VCF Format

Recap: If you’re here, you could be searching for a way to convert Excel to VCF without using any software. Then it’s time to celebrate. This blog post will go over the finest manual way for converting Excel contacts to vCard, which is also free. Continue reading this blog to learn about the entire discussion.


Causes for Converting an Excel File to a VCF

  • The vCard file is derived from an Excel file and is rather tiny. Less storage space is needed for VCF files.
  • Users can import this file into numerous systems by converting the XLSX file to the VCF file format.
  • Since XLS files can only be opened within the MS Excel software, vCard files are more easily accessible than Excel files.

What Disadvantages Does the Manual Technique Have?

It is simple for the user to convert Excel contacts to vCard by following the aforesaid procedure. It takes a lot of time, though. This is a three-step process that you must finish. Therefore, converting Excel XLS to VCF without the need for software is compatible with this approach. However, the largest obstacle is these restrictions.

This automatic program is a must-have if you’re seeking a simple approach to converting a file format with a few clicks. It has the ability to convert many Excel contacts to vCard files. Let’s investigate this automated software in greater detail.

Top Professional Software Suggested for Bulk Excel to vCard Conversion

As you can see, the conversion procedure is lengthy and requires a lot of time to finish. Additionally, some users find it challenging to apply if they are not as tech-savvy. It is advised to use a professional solution in these situations, such as the GainTools Address Book Manager Tool. The user can convert a sizable number of contacts from her XLS file to vCard format using this program. Since all of the contact information is available, contacts are safely Switch/Move Excel Sheet Contacts to VCF Format. The user can then import the contacts to her iPhone, Android, Outlook, Gmail, and other devices at no additional cost.

How to convert many Excel spreadsheets into a VCF file, step-by-step?

  • Install the program on your computer or system after downloading it.
select import export contacts
  • To add the Excel file to the program panel, click the Browse button.
choose file format
  • Click Next after seeing the contacts in the file with all of the contact fields filled out. Your Excel file’s contact fields should be mapped to vCard fields. Select Next.
  • After making your desired selections for the vCard version and other settings, click Export.
click next button

Last Word

Many people are searching for a free way to convert Excel contact files into the VCF format. As a result, we have covered the best method for converting Excel to VCF without the need for software in this article. For those who prefer not to use the manual way, we have also spoken about the software-based approach.

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