How Do I Batch Open OLM File in RTF Format? A Recommended Solution

Summary:- Outlook for Mac is widely used file format across globe for saving Outlook data. But query arises when someone batch open OLM file in RTF format. Since there is no straightforward way to perform the conversion. To accomplish tasks with utmost we’ll introduce experts’ recommended automated solution where all metadata and attachment remains intact. Without any further ado, lets’ start the blogpost by knowing the overview of RTF and OLM file format.


RTF or Rich Text Format is a document file format which has been developed by Microsoft. Also, we can store text information along with multimedia attachments like hyperlinks, audio, image and other items. Also, it can preserve the formatting without losing any piece of information. Furthermore, it can be opened on any word processing platforms.


OLM is Outlook for Mac file using to store Outlook data to store email messages, contacts, calendar, tasks and other information. Also, Outlook file are basically used for backup , archival and documentation purpose and sharing of documents across different platforms or devices. OLM file can be opened and imported back into Outlook for Mac to restore the data.

Prime Reasons to Open RTF File using OLM 

There are several reasons which compels user in order to transfer data from OLM to RTF, but we have compiled few important points that saves user time.

  • For specific extraction of data in email items. Transferring OLM file in RTF format helps in extraction specific information from email, contacts, calendars and more.

  • RTF files can be widely accessible across different platforms or devices, making it convenient for user, when user’s have not installed email client on his system.

  • Converting OLM file to RTF helps user in editing the email information like tasks, notes, contacts data with word processing softwares that support RTF file.

  • By converting OLM file to RTF format enable user in sharing content or collaborate with someone, who does’not have access to Outlook for Mac supported application.

  • Conversion of OLM file to RTF formats helps to preserve basic formatting of text of Outlook data for archival or documentation purpose.

  • If you are migrating from an OLM supported platform to another platform that doesn’t support OLM files. Converting OLM data in RTF format helps user in easy sharing and access of email, contacts, calendars, tasks and other information to the new platform.

  • By converting OLM file to RTF format helps you to perform data analysis & reporting.

Ways to Batch Save OLM File using RTF

Since there is no manual step, where we can download data in batch. To mitigate this situation, we can use experts’ recommended automated solution to accomplish tasks with utmost integrity.

Automated Solution to Batch Open OLM file in RTF

Considering the situations in the above paragraphs, we cannot export data in batch. To accomplish tasks with full safety. You can use experts recommended automated solution by RecoveryTools OLM Migrator where you can download data in bulk along with preserving all attributes. Also, you can do proper file naming convention to manage the resultant data. Moreover, there are two modes available for adding OLM files in software panel.

Smart Features of Automated Solution

  • You have separate option to convert OLM file with emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

  • This tool helps in preserving all email attributes including email headers and body.

  • Convert OLM to PST, MBOX, EML, HTML and 15+ other file formats.

  • There is an option for recovery where you can convert unhealthy OLM file into healthy format.

  • This utility can selectively convert data based on folder/subfolders.

Procedure to Save OLM File in RTF Format using Automated Solution

  • Download & launch wizard

  • Add single or multiple OLM files in software panel as per requirements

  • Check or uncheck needed folder for selective backup of data

  • Choose RTF as a file format from saving options list

  • Finally, select path and hit convert button to successfully save data

Key Takeaways

In the above blogpost we cannot batch export OLM data in RTF using manual solution. To complete tasks with utmost security and efficiency, we have converted experts’ recommened automated solution where you can download data in bulk along with saving options in 15+ file formats for convenience of user. Also, you can take demo version of software to know the inner workings of software before upgrading to licensed version.

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