Cannot Import OLM File, then what to do ? Best Solution Here!

In summary, the most frequently asked question, “Cannot import OLM file,” is explained in this blog.

Many others are looking for the same solution. Your journey has reached its end. We’ll walk over importing an OLM file into Windows Outlook in this tutorial.
Outlook for Mac is the only program that supports the OLM file format. Outlook 2011 for Mac was the first program to use Mac OLM files. It functions and is utilized in the same manner as Microsoft Windows MS Outlook PST files. According to this, Mac Outlook preserves every piece of information found in mails, including calendars, address books, and much more. OLM files may only be opened on Mac computers; they cannot be opened in windows Outlook. 

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Users must convert OLM files to PST files since Windows Outlook only supports this file type in order to open OLM files in Outlook. In the next part, we will offer a workable solution for this. However, let’s use a user’s question to gain a better understanding of this problem before continuing with this blog post.

The question from the user:

“Hello, my name is Spencer, and I recently moved from a Mac to a Windows computer for work-related reasons. I’m stuck right now since I have no idea how to import an OLM file into Windows Outlook. I want to move every email I have from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, including all of its contents. Would you kindly advise me on the best course of action to take? –

Thomas Alian


What is the fastest way to import an OLM file into Windows Outlook?

Fortunately, there is a fix for this issue. Customers can, however, quickly find a competent solution to their problem of “Cannot import OLM file.” While there are freeways available online as well, there is no assurance that you will have adequate results from them. Therefore, we recommend that you use an automated method to fix this problem.

Unable to import an OLM file into Microsoft Outlook? Use this Solution

This is a methodical approach to answering your question. There are several top-notch third-party programs available. However, in this case, the DataVare Mac OLM to PST Converter would be the most practical choice for resolving the Cannot import OLM file error. Consequently, this software is accessible to anybody with a computer. The entire process will be finished in a matter of seconds.

Convert OLM to PST file in step one.

Please ensure that you take the actions listed below –

·         Install and launch this tool on your computer to get started.

·         Next, select File from the menu and look through your OLM file.

·         Press the “Export” button.

·         Choose PST as the saving format at this point.

·         Users can save the final file in any exact location of their choice.

·         Lastly, to begin the procedure, click the Export option.


Why Is This Software Unique Compared to Others?

Users can quickly convert OLM files to Windows Outlook with this program.

·         With this program, users can convert a large number of files or folders in batch mode to PST files without sacrificing any crucial information.

·         This program can swiftly convert OLM files to the desired format while preserving all-important email databases in their original folder structures and subfolders.

·         This program is entirely independent. As a result, the user can convert without installing any additional software. Moreover, the program does not impose any file size restrictions.

·         It offers an easy-to-use interface and is the finest solution for importing OLM to Outlook on Windows.

·         Because of this, users of this programs free version can export and save 25 OLM items in addition to other saving formats. The licensed variant of this utility is also available for purchase.

In Conclusion –

We have covered how users can fix the “cannot import OLM file” issue in the post that follows. We have given users a great way to quickly and simply transfer their data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook with this post. And that too without losing any data or running into any issues while doing the process.


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