Top 10 Field Service Management Software Compatible with QuickBooks

The latest trend in the field service industry pushes businesses everywhere to go paperless with Intuit field service management software. If you are still conducting your service business by relying on the same old pen, paper, and Excel spreadsheets, you are most likely to miss out on the biggest competitive advantage you could have to grow your business. This could also mean you are losing customers and failing to make more profit while your competitors are moving ahead at an astounding speed.

Of course, you don’t want that for your organization. Nobody does. However, the shift towards digital transformation could be a big deal for you. But believe us when we say this, it is important even for small companies. So, what should be your course of action in this scenario? Well, the answer is obvious. Choose field service management software for QuickBooks—a dedicated software solution that automates and streamlines your business processes and allows integration with QuickBooks at the same time.

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So, what are your options? You do have a lot of them. But make sure you choose only the best. In this blog, we have compiled a list of leading field service management software that allows QuickBooks online integration.

But before we discuss these options, let us talk a bit about the importance and advantages of QuickBooks integration.

The Importance of QuickBooks Integration


In the field service industry today, ditching the traditional paper-based system and adapting to digital transformation has become the most effective strategy for success. Simply put, digital transformation refers to the process of adapting to digital tools and technologies to manage the entire business operations instead of carrying them out manually. But there is more to the story. The shift to workforce automation software enables field service providers to organize all their business processes and databases into one single platform, empowering them to manage their business processes seamlessly and more efficiently.


There are tons of advantages to going paperless. But if you want to make the most of it, make sure you are choosing a software solution for your business that takes care of all your operations on the same platform so that you have access to all your resources at your fingertips.

With that said, no paperless software is going to give you the desired results unless it supports seamless integration with other valuable software systems. Integration capability is crucial in field service management software as it allows seamless connectivity with other business tools and systems. By integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, accounting software, inventory management systems, and more, field service management software streamlines workflows, improves data accuracy, and enhances productivity. This interoperability enables efficient data sharing, automated processes, and real-time updates across all facets of the business, leading to faster decision-making, better resource allocation, and ultimately, improved customer satisfaction. Overall, integration capability ensures that field service management software operates as a central hub, facilitating smooth operations and enabling businesses to achieve their goals effectively.

While most field service software offers dedicated work order management, scheduling and dispatching, and integration with other systems like CRM and inventory management through their platform, several of them fail to give you the one significant integration—accounting. Billing and invoicing are the most integral parts of any field service business. Unless you are getting paid properly and timely for your services, the issues of profit-making and revenue generation are way out of the question. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a robust QuickBooks field service manager system that takes care of these aspects.

If your field service management software lacks the functionalities of billing and invoicing, you will have to depend on another digital tool to take care of your payments, bookkeeping, and invoicing. This also means you have to re-enter customer information again on the invoicing software every time you are trying to send your customers an invoice. This leaves room for manual errors. Also, your payment cycle could potentially be delayed.

The solution, however, is easy. Choose a field service management software compatible with QuickBooks. Powered by the leading accounting software, such software solutions allow a smooth synchronization of all your data so that you can easily import them between the two systems to create, edit, and share invoices with your customers in no time, and reduce the time in your payment cycle. While the integration ensures zero bookkeeping/ data-entry errors, it comes with a host of exciting benefits as well. For example:

  • Create invoices in the field 
  • Support digital signature to finalize billing documents 
  • Accept cash-on-delivery and spot payment 
  • Stay up-to-date on customer accounts 
  • Manage employee payroll more efficiently

Benefits of QuickBooks Integrated Field Service Software

    • Streamlined Operations

QuickBooks-integrated field service management software centralizes data, streamlining processes such as invoicing, scheduling, and inventory management, leading to increased efficiency and reduced manual errors.

    • Enhanced Accuracy

Integration ensures that financial data, customer information, and job details are synchronized between QuickBooks and the field service management software, minimizing discrepancies and improving data accuracy.

    • Real-Time Financial Insights

By automatically syncing financial transactions with QuickBooks, the software provides real-time visibility into revenue, expenses, and profit margins, enabling informed decision-making and financial planning.

    • Improved Cash Flow Management

QuickBooks integration allows for seamless invoicing and payment processing, accelerating the billing cycle and improving cash flow for the business.

    • Better Customer Service

Access to up-to-date customer information and billing history within the field service management software enables technicians to provide personalized service and address customer inquiries more effectively, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

    • Enhanced Reporting and Analysis

Integration with QuickBooks enables comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities, allowing businesses to track key performance metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations and drive growth.

    • Scalability and Growth Opportunities

QuickBooks-integrated field service management software supports business growth by providing scalable solutions that can adapt to changing needs and accommodate increased workloads, allowing businesses to expand their operations efficiently.

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The Best Field Service Management Software Compatible with QuickBooks

Field Promax

One of the leading field service dispatching software solutions today, Field Promax offers the most efficient and robust cloud-based platform full of invaluable features and functionalities. It comes with a comprehensive work order management suite, an efficient scheduling & dispatching system, and seamless functionalities to create and share estimates. It also comes with an integrated GPS-powered mobile app that allows you to track your technicians’ locations in real-time, monitor work progress, and view the entire schedule in different modes (daily, weekly, monthly, as well as individual schedules of technicians). The all-in-one dashboard provides you with access to every necessary customer detail and work order information.

The highlight, however, is that the software allows a robust two-way sync with QuickBooks, which means using your Intuit field service management login credentials, you can import the customer database to create and manage work orders, as well as use the data from the service management platform on QuickBooks to create and share invoices with the customers. Overall, it is the one-stop solution for all your technological needs.

Main Features:

  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Work Order Management
  • Estimate and Invoicing
  • Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Calendar View
  • GPS Tracking
  • Routing & Time Management
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Integrated Mobile App
2. FieldEdge

Another efficient field service software that allows two-way QuickBooks integration is FieldEdge. It is a gold-certified field service management tool that focuses on scheduling, customer account management, dispatch, and managing service agreements. It also features a service dashboard that provides performance analytics and mobile CRM functionalities to keep the entire staff, whether in the field or back office, connected in real time.

FieldEdge also partners with QuickBooks and offers real-time data sync. The accounting software also allows you to manage your inventory and update accounts from a single platform, thus eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

Main Features:

  • Calendar
  • Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Roles
  • Field Sales
  • Employee Communication
  • Client Notification
  • Reports
  • Analytics
  • Invoicing
  • Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • QuickBooks Integration
3. HouseCall Pro

Housecall Pro is a cloud-based field service management app for field service professionals. Housecall Pro helps users to Automate Workflow and streamline technician dispatch. The software solution can be accessed via both mobile phones and desktops, as well as serves a wide range of industries, such as electrical contractors, fire and security, plumbing, HVAC, and more. It also offers a comprehensive intuit field service management demo to facilitate smooth onboarding for new customers.

Housecall Pro enables service-based businesses to discard paperwork and replace it with digital automation. It offers useful features like QuickBooks online integration, job scheduling with GPS tracking, dispatching, job management, and more so that both clients and businesses can be on the same page regarding work orders.

Main Features:

  • Online Booking
  • Scheduling
  • Estimates
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Follow-Up Marketing
  • Job Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Strategic Account Manager
  • Invoicing
  • QuickBooks Integration
4. ServiceM8

ServiceM8 is a highly effective QuickBooks-integrated field service management software that offers comprehensive solutions for service-based businesses. Its seamless integration with QuickBooks allows for efficient synchronization of financial data, streamlining processes such as invoicing, payment processing, and expense tracking. ServiceM8’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy for businesses to manage scheduling, dispatching, job tracking, and customer communication, improving overall efficiency and productivity. With robust reporting and analysis capabilities, ServiceM8 provides valuable insights into business performance, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. Overall, ServiceM8 serves as a powerful tool for service businesses looking to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and achieve greater success while seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks for comprehensive financial management.

Main Features:

  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Job Management
  • Quoting and Invoicing
  • Client Communication
  • Forms and Checklists
  • Inventory Management
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Mobile Accessibility
5. Workiz

Workiz is a field service mobile app designed to help you organize your service business more efficiently. It offers an effective set of tools to keep track of jobs, technicians, scheduling, invoicing, payments, and clients.
Workiz is very easy to start with, and you don’t need to download or install anything. Just create an account and start sending jobs to your technicians. This software solution allows your technicians to connect with the office without having to use any technical features. They can simply log in, communicate, and receive job orders via text or email.

Main Features:

  • Access Control
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • Client Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Live Dashboard
  • Lead Tracking
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • CRM
  • Billing and Invoicing
6. ServiceTrade

ServiceTrade is a robust software solution that offers both web and mobile platforms for a wide range of field service businesses. It helps field service providers deliver seamless customer service, powered by its host of valuable features and functionalities. Through the cloud-based platform, businesses can create online quotes, receive and manage work orders, schedule technician visits, share after-service reports and invoices with customers, and do much more to make their business processes more efficient. Other than streamlining operations for single or multiple offices, it also offers seamless integration with Intuit QuickBooks to deliver smooth data sync.

Main Features:

  • Automated Scheduling
  • API
  • Calendar management
  • CRM
  • Contact Database
  • License and Contract Management
  • Client Portal
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Electronic Signature
  • GPS
  • Work Order Management
  • Mobile App
  • Inventory Management
  • QuickBooks Integration
7. KickServ

KickServ serves as a highly effective field service management software seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it a top choice for businesses looking to streamline operations and improve efficiency. The seamless synchronization between KickServ and QuickBooks ensures accurate financial data management, invoicing, and payment processing, eliminating manual errors and saving valuable time.

Additionally, KickServ offers comprehensive tools for scheduling, dispatching, customer management, and job tracking, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional service and enhance customer satisfaction. With its scalability, customizable workflows, and real-time reporting capabilities, KickServ proves to be an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to optimize their field service operations while seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks for comprehensive financial management

Main Features:

  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Customer Management
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Mobile Access
  • Job Tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integration
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Communication Tools
  • Inventory Management
8. mHelpdesk

mHelpdesk is an exceptional QuickBooks-integrated field service management software that has greatly enhanced our business operations. Its seamless integration with QuickBooks streamlines our invoicing and accounting processes, saving us valuable time and reducing manual errors. The software’s robust features, such as scheduling, job tracking, and inventory management, have significantly improved our workflow efficiency and productivity. Additionally, mHelpdesk’s user-friendly interface and customizable options make it easy to tailor the software to our specific needs. Overall, mHelpdesk has proven to be a reliable and effective solution for managing our field service operations seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, and we highly recommend it to businesses seeking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

Main Features:

  • Job Scheduling and Dispatching
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Customer Management
  • Mobile Access
  • Inventory Management
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Workflow Automation
9. Jobber

Jobber is an incredibly effective QuickBooks-integrated field service management software that streamlines operations for service-based businesses. Its seamless integration with QuickBooks ensures accurate financial data synchronization, making tasks like invoicing and expense tracking effortless. With Jobber, businesses can efficiently manage scheduling, dispatching, and customer communication, all within one platform. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy for technicians to access job details, track time, and update job statuses on the go. Additionally, Jobber offers robust reporting and analytics tools, providing valuable insights into business performance and enabling informed decision-making. Overall, Jobber is a powerful solution for service businesses looking to improve efficiency, enhance customer service, and streamline their operations with QuickBooks integration.

Main Features:

  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Invoicing and Quoting
  • Customer Management
  • ime Tracking and GPS Tracking
  • Job Forms and Checklists
10. Commusoft

Last but not least, Commusoft stands out as an exceptional QuickBooks-integrated field service management software, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to streamline operations for service-based businesses. Its seamless integration with QuickBooks ensures smooth synchronization of financial data, simplifying invoicing, payment processing, and accounting tasks. With Commusoft, users benefit from enhanced accuracy and real-time visibility into financial insights, enabling informed decision-making and efficient cash flow management. The platform’s intuitive interface and customizable workflows make it easy to schedule jobs, manage inventory, and track technician activities, improving overall operational efficiency. Additionally, Commusoft’s robust reporting and analysis capabilities provide valuable insights to optimize performance and drive business growth. Overall, Commusoft proves to be an effective solution for service businesses looking to maximize productivity and profitability while seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks for streamlined financial management.

Main Features:

  • Job Management
  • Customer Database
  • Quoting and Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Processing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Communication Tools
  • Compliance and Security

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Final Words

Most field service businesses are now using one QuickBooks field service software or another for all the right reasons. As you can see, there are a host of advantages to this practice, the most prominent ones being streamlining your operations, organizing your data, and making your business processes simpler than ever. As a result, your business is most likely to grow further and generate more revenue.

If you don’t want to miss that opportunity, make sure you take advantage of the best digital tools. While QuickBooks offers you the most comprehensive accounting solutions, you must choose a leading field service management software such as Field Promax to get the most effective digital solutions in one place. While the integration between the two systems makes your business processes more efficient, it also offers the best Intuit field service management pricing in the current market.

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