The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Endeavouring to make an exterior part of a dwelling homely also demands more than placing a couple of chairs and a table. Choosing the right outdoor furnishing can help turn your patio or backyard into that perfect spot for leisure, feasting, andgames. This guide will aid you to discern the available choices as well as the factors you need to consider to come up with the best option for the furniture you intend to use in the outdoor furniture covers .

1. Assessing Your Space

Measuring your outdoor space correctly is important before opting for any furniture as it will determine the appropriateness of the furniture. After that, take the dimensions of the space to ensure that the furniture occupies the appropriate amount of space without being overly bulky. Take into account, the layout of the area where outdoor furniture covers in dubai is going to be placed and the overall shape of the furniture that is needed. Small spaces should mainly have ergonomic and compact furniture especially where there is a limitation of space such as where one has to apply for a small apartment with little living space without a balcony. When the area is more extensive, one can efficiently section off zones for dining, relaxing, and enjoyment.

2. Understanding Material Choices

Outdoor furniture comes in different types of material and it is essential to do a comparison between materials so that you can understand the strength and weakness of every type of material. Here are some common materials

Here are some common materials:


Pure wooden furniture seems to be traditional and matches the natural environment. Teak, cedar wood, and eucalyptus wood are widely used because they are hardy and do not premisively disintegrate over a short period under extreme weather. Teak for instance, harbours oils that make it resistant to moisture and termites in that it can freely be used for construction work around water areas such as streams, river karias. Nevertheless, when it comes to wooden furniture, it means frequent cleaning to prevent influence of atmospheric conditions and fading of the surface.


Aluminum, steel, and wrought iron are the most popular types of metal furniture that are widely picked due to its strength and durability. Aluminum is relatively lighter in weight, and is durable and can easily be relocated, while wrought iron is more demanding in weight and possesses a traditional and more prominently decorated look. Steel is a very strong material and its main disadvantage is that it can rust if not coated and Requires protectant coatings. Soft furniture especially the metallic type may require cushioning in other to make it comfortable.

Wicker and Rattan

Wicker and rattan furniture are somewhat more versatile, with tropical flair. Synthetic wicker that is produced from resin is more resistant to abrasion more resilient and more capable when it comes to enduring the bad weather. These materials are relatively light so they are easy to manoeuvre but they are prone to fade or even breakage, if they are treated with undue harshness.


Plastic furniture are cheaper than other types such as metallic and wooden furniture, they are light and easily portable and come in the market in many colors and designs. It is very washable, and does not even get affected by water, so it can be effectively used in most outdoor setups. But it can be less long lasting and visually appealing as other kinds of materials and it gets brittle over the time especially if exposed to direct sunlight.

Comfort and Style

While it is nice to have a pair of boots that can last long and are able to handle different weather conditions, one must not deny themselves good looks and comfort while at it. Still, you will spend hours and hours in using this furniture, so don’t scrimp on the necessary attributes. Consider the following:

 Cushions and Upholstery

Outdoor furniture, in particular, has the presence of cushioned furniture to which an element of comfort and aesthetic depends. Choose cushions that have one of the common quick-drying foam materials and that have well-draining fabric such as acrylic or polyester. These fabrics are no prone to mildews, fading, and staining and are therefore highly recommended. Cushions should also be removable and easily washable, and the covers should also be easily washable with minor problems such as ripping with ease repairable.

 Design and Aesthetics

When selecting the preferred flavor for color and style, take time to look at the overall theme of your outdoors outside décor. There are also a variety of styles in furniture design ranging from a more contemporary, to a more country style, to even a more formal look. Combine the different elements in a way that they’d complement each other while still maintaining the general styling at your outdoor area.

Maintenance and Care

Frederick Buechner once said, You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great and proper maintenance can help the outdoor furniture last as long as you need. Here are some tips for different materials:Here are some tips for different materials:


Always dust the furniture well then wash it using a mild soap and rinse with warm water using a soft brush. Treat the wooden furniture with a finishing oil or a coat of sealer after one year for it to maintain its finish, color and to avoid cracking. Before keeping wooden furniture outdoors it is recommended that the furniture should be stored inside or else they should be covered properly at the time of extreme weather conditions.


To clean metal furniture, use water and mild detergent; ensure that the furniture is rinsed properly to get rid of the cleaning solution. For wrought iron and steel decorate using a wax or a paint as this will prevent the occurrence of rust. One should put the furniture cover or when not using it put it indoors for them not to deteriorate.

Wicker and Rattan

Wear appropriate clothes when handling rattan and dust wicker furniture, clean them with a soft brush and soap solution. Do not immerse these materials, as water freely can have a bleaching effect on the fibres. To avoid color fade on synthetic Wicker, ensure that it is not exposed to direct sun.

It can be easily maintained having a smooth surface making it possible to clean using water with a detergent. Do not use the harsh powders that are likely to bring scratches on the surface of equipments. It should be ensured that the plastic furniture is stored inside the house or else properly covered during the time of use in extreme weather conditions so as to avoid becoming brittle and developing a change in colour.

Sustainability Considerations

Because of the current toughening environmental conservation factor, buying sustainable outdoor furniture is gradually becoming a real factor. Search for products that are eco–friendly such as furniture made from wood from renewable sources or recycled furniture from human and animal wastes, furniture produced from certified sustainably harvested timber and reuse items. There are companies that supply products that have a tolerable poor impact on the climate when compared to their counterparts while still boasting stunning looks and quality.

 Budget and Value

Outdoor furniture can be expensive or cheap depending on the material used and the design of the furniture, so first you need to determine your budget that will suit your needs and your budget. Think of the functionality of the furniture in relation to its design, its strength and support for one’s body, and visual appeal. While it may seem expensive to buy better quality furniture, it is cheaper in the long run to invest in quality furniture which rarely compromises the homeowner’s security to require replacement.


When choosing outdoor furniture, one has to make the best choice between the elegance of the style, the comfort of using it as well as how sturdy it is. The following is the suggestions towards the construction of an outs doors space; As such, it is important to evaluate your space, choose the right material, prioritize comfort, and consider maintenance expenses. If the visitor aims at free and relaxing time or active leisure in a company, the choice of outdoor furniture will assist to maximize the convenience in outdoor living zone.

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